What We Are Doing

Our major initiatives are:

The Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education

Harnessing the combined institutional strengths of Vassar, Bard, Bennington, and Sarah Lawrence colleges to confront the generational challenge of global mass displacement. 

Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance and Community Engagement

Creating the organizational networks of interfaith communities and institutions of higher education to help resettle and welcome forcibly displaced people in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  

Check out the latest work of Vassar students and the Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance:  Supporting Refugee Families. Donate to the Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance here!

Digital Initiatives

Using the internet to create transnational educational exchanges, including online classrooms and English language conversations. 

Rohingya Project

Rohingya Project at Vassar College is a relief effort with a focus on the Rohingya refugee crisis. Our main goals are raising awareness of the Rohingya crisis and raising funds for relief efforts.