Student Team

In addition to the Student Leadership Team, a group of dedicated students have been involved with the specific projects within this initiative.

Local Resettlement Project

Reilly Hay ’18 is a senior Political Science major with a correlate in History. He is a part of the Local Resettlement and Engagement Team with Vassar Refugee Solidarity. He also is the captain of Vassar Ultimate Frisbee and continued his work with VRS on campus during his junior year.


Sasha Gopalakrishnan ’20 is a sophomore Sociology major with a possible correlate in Anthropology or Women’s Studies or both. She is a part of the Resettlement and Local Engagement Team within VRS. She is also Assistant Arts Editor for the Miscellany News as well as a member of South Asian Students Alliance (SASA) and VCTV Producers. She speaks English, Hindi and broken French, and is thinking about studying abroad in Sweden or Denmark next year.

Sabrina Surgil ’21 is a first-year from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, intending to pursue studies in History, French, and Creative Writing. She is a part of the VRS Resettlement and Local Engagement Team. In addition, she works as an assistant at the Vassar Observatory and is also a member of Britomartis, Vassar on Tap, and the Underground.

Oral Histories Project Event Coordination
Zoe Wulff ‘19 is a junior Media Studies major with a focus in Women’s Studies and Film. As part of VRS she is co-heading the oral history initiative. She believes strongly in the power of narrative to bring about change which is why she got involved with the group. She is also the business manager for Measure 4 Measure, one of the Acappella groups on campus and works at Vassar’s Infant Toddler Center.

Caroline Ingram ’19
is a junior History major at Vassar with correlates in Hispanic Studies and Economics. In her role with VRS, she will primarily be working with the Oral Histories team, collecting recordings of refugee narratives locally in the Hudson Valley. She is also a Research Assistant in the History Department, as well as a CARES Listener, and will be spending the upcoming spring semester studying abroad in Madrid.

William Zemp ‘20 is a sophomore prospective Independent Major, and Arabic or Hispanic Studies Correlate. He is part of the Oral Histories Team and will be doing work with the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education, which he did research for during the summer of 2017. He works at Matthew’s Bean, the coffee shop located in the library.


Emma Mertens ’19 is a junior Philosophy major and hopes to declare a Hispanic Studies major/correlate soon! She is a member of the oral histories team for VRS. Outside of VRS, she is also a member of Vassar College Majors Choir and a VELLOP tutor at Poughkeepsie High School. She is currently studying abroad for the fall of 2017 with the Vassar-Wesleyan Madrid program. She speaks Spanish conversationally and hopes to improve it while she is in Spain.

Event Coordination

Joan Krickellas ’19 is a junior Environmental Studies major with concentrations in Biology and Sociology. She is the Vice President of Prohealth, a student organization that works to raise awareness for local and global public health issues. Joan is also involved in Vassar’s Exploring Science program, where she helps lead activities for local Poughkeepsie elementary students at the ecological preserve.  This past summer, she had an eye-opening experience as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece, working with UNHCR, Samaritan’s Purse, and Greek government officials.

Website Coordination
Zoe Zahariadis ‘21
is a first-year prospective Political Science and French double major. She is working on design and media for the VRS website. She is also a member of Vassar Alliance for Women in Foreign Affairs and Vassar Voices for Planned Parenthood.  She hopes to study abroad in France.