Student Team

In addition to the Student Leadership Team, a group of dedicated students have been involved with the initiative.


Sophia Slater ’18 is a Political Science major at Vassar. As part of Vassar Refugee Solidarity she is taking charge of this website with WordPress skills developed in past internships, and is primarily taking media and research roles.



Camelia Manring ’20 is a sophomore majoring in Geography and Minoring in Hispanic Studies and Arabic Language and Culture. She is the Spanish Language Tutoring Head for Conversations Unbound. Cam is also a member of the Vassar Women’s Soccer Team, a student fellow, and an art model on the side.


Gabbi Chwae ’19 is a junior, double majoring in International studies and Russian studies with a minor in mathematics. She currently works as the Marketing Director for Conversations Unbound and oversees the English Language Exchange for Vassar Refugee Solidarity. She also works as a mathematics supplemental instructor and an online math tutor for ONEXYS through Yale University and with Vassar College’s Posse Program. In the rest of her free time, she volunteers in marketing with Pets for Patriots.

Zuzanna Wisniewska ’20 is a sophomore majoring in History at the University of Washington. Zuzanna spent her freshman year at Vassar and continues to maintain close ties with the school through her work as the Finance Manager and Satellite School Program Assistant for Conversations Unbound. Outside of school she grows her love for coffee by working as a barista.

Ilayda Takil ‘19 is majoring in International Studies and French at Vassar. She conducted research for the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education during the summer of ‘17.



William Zemp ’20 is a sophomore undecided major, but is leaning towards majoring in Biology with a possible correlate in International Politics. He is doing research for the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education during the summer of ’17 and is also a member of the Sailing Club.