Get Involved

The current forced displacement situation is ongoing and as such there are numerous opportunities to get involved meaningfully. Whatever your skill set, with a little searching there will almost certainly be a role that you could fulfill, whether it is working at an organization or starting your own project. 

At Vassar

If you are a student at Vassar, you can get involved in many ways:

  • Apply to be on Vassar Refugee Solidarity Student Leadership Team to head one of our existing projects or start a new one. For more information on this, contact Anish Kanoria (
  • Get in touch with Lisa Kaul ( at the newly created Vassar Office of Community-Engaged Learning to get involved locally
  • Volunteer to be a general body member and step-up when needed. For more information on this, contact Anish Kanoria (


  • The Vassar Career Development Office (CDO) publishes extensive listings of internship opportunities, most of which are available even if you do not go to Vassar. There are many listing and directories in which you can search for refugee-related internships.

Affiliate Organizations 

We have a wonderful group of affiliate organizations who we are working with. Learn more about any of them by clicking on the links below!

Local Congregations


Community organizations

Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance Partners